Steven Rosenthal
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Much like his brother, Steven Rosenthal loves to cook, but his talents are often more technical:.After several years as a line cook, Steven decided to expand his skills at the Culinary Institute of America at Hyde Park, New York, where he externed at Gitane, a small, classic French restaurant in New Jersey. After graduating in 1988, he went off to work at the four star Pierre Hotel where he worked every station and acquired the discipline of a formal kitchen. After a year, he went to San Francisco to join Mitchell as an opening cook at Postrio. He stayed for three years and left in 1992 to be Sous Chef at Geordy’s, also in San Francisco, under Charles Solomon, a refined chef who had worked for David Bouley. After Geordy’s closed the next year, he returned to the East Coast contemplating opening a restaurant with Mitchell in New Jersey when they were invited back to Postrio to take over the helm. One of the things that Steven thrives on is the financial aspect of maintaining a highly successful restaurant group in an ultra-competitive market. Besides kitchen operations, Steven now focuses on many of the detailed and crucial financial decisions of the company. His motto seems to be “Spending money wisely is important to being successful. I am continuously looking to make sure it all falls under the “wise” category.”