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Highlighting nearly 50 wines from iconic regions with vintages as old as 1961, the Aging Gracefully program hand selects wines in their prime at prices oblivious to inflation.
Like a lot of things at Town Hall, the Aging Gracefully program was inspired by countless trips to old New Orleans restaurants. I grew up visiting family and dining in old establishments that required a suit jacket to enter. It was old school, but it was familiar. The wine lists were the same dark dingy books that had been added to by countless people for over 100 years. As they compiled more wine, and the lists grew more complicated, they began numbering the selections. The vintages dated back to the turn of the century and were all at their original price. Some of my first memories of ordering wine were off of lists like this, where you simply ordered by number. As the years passed, I began understanding what I was ordering and I was blown away by how affordable these gems were priced. I love old wine. It is a true glimpse into the past. I can’t help but think about who made it and what their lives were like. As wine ages it gains such complexity. The fruit dissipates; the minerality comes through unveiling a sense of place that is unparalleled. I remember the moments when I understood Burgundy, Bordeaux, California, and the great regions of Italy. I remember where I was, what I was eating and whom I was with. Great wine has the ability to stop time for just a moment and make you truly happy. I believe, at the core, that everyone should be able to afford this luxury.

Haley Guild Moore
Beverage Director