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Lunch Menu

Seafood corn chowder, bacon 10
Romaine salad, grilled mushroom-piquillo pepper relish, lemon vinaigrette, pecorino 12
Butter lettuce, Fuji apples, radishes, candied walnuts, Pt. Reyes blue cheese dressing 11
Tuna tartare, fried green tomatoes, garlic chips, green onion Tabasco vinaigrette 15
Pulled chicken salad, cherry tomato, green cabbage, mango, cilantro, mint, peanut vinaigrette 14
Spiced maple glazed chicken wings, toasted, pickled red chili 13
Shaved speck ham, bacon paté, burrata cheese, cornichons, whole grain mustard 16
Crispy braised pork belly, Delicata squash purée, Brussels sprouts slaw 14

Open face Albacore tuna melt, cheddar, Swiss, pepper jack, coleslaw, 1000 island dressing, chips 16
Fried chicken and biscuit sandwich, cheddar cheese, caramelized onion, white gravy, coleslaw 16
Korean short rib, shaved cabbage, kimchi aioli, fried onion, field green salad 16
Faith’s warm ham and cheese toast, poached egg, jalapeño cream 14
Town Hall burger, house made sourdough bun, pickles, heirloom tomato, pickled red onion, aioli, french fries 17
House-made bratwurst, braised cabbage, pickled mustard seeds, house chips 15

Main Courses
Pulled mushroom tacos, summer corn salsa, chipotle crème-fraîche, salad 16
Grilled coho salmon, fennel purée, caramelized cippolini onions, fines herbes vinaigrette 24
Poached ling cod, broccoli di cicco, cauliflower, crispy shallots, XO chili oil 24
Herbsaint cioppino, crawfish, PEI mussels, potato, red pepper aioli 22
Grilled skirt steak, broccoli di cicco, parmesan fries, chili mustard butter 26

Buttermilk biscuits 6
Warm jalapeño corn bread 8
House made coleslaw 5
Crispy okra, piquillo aioli 6
Fried Brussels sprouts, mustard-bacon vinaigrette 6

We change our menu often. The menu above is a sample menu of what is offered on a daily basis.