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Dinner Menu 2014
Country Ham
Johnston County Ham, NC 16
Surryano, VA 17
La Quercia Speck, IA 16

Served with buttermilk biscuits
and red pepper jelly

Taste of All Three 39

Barron Point, WA 3.50 ea
Kusshi, WA 4.00 ea
Marin Miyagi, CA 3.50 ea

Bloody Mary shooter 6.00 ea

Spicy cabbage and onion soup, Mary’s chicken, lime 12
Pimento cheese, pickled vegetables, crostini 11
Mixed greens salad, Mandarin orange, radish, almonds, vanilla vinaigrette 12
Butter lettuces, Fuji apples, candied walnuts, Pt. Reyes blue cheese dressing 13
Roasted beet salad, fried nettles, Mandarin orange, olives, goat cheese panna cotta, pistachio 14
Tuna tartare, cornmeal fried green tomatoes, garlic chips, Tabasco green onion vinaigrette 17
Cornmeal fried oysters, Herbsaint spinach purée, Hobbs’ bacon, preserved lemon 15
BBQ shrimp, Worcestershire sauce, garlic herb toast 17
Roasted veal meatballs, potato purée, green peppercorn sauce 15
Faith’s warm ham and cheese toast, poached egg, jalapeño cream 15

Main Courses
Local rockfish, kabocha squash purée, black trumpets, Dungeness crab, pomegranate vinaigrette 32
Seared red snapper, heirloom romanesco, harissa onion purée, saffron squid ink rice 34
Russet potato gnocchi, wild mushroom, kale, Calabrian chile, black truffle, Meyer lemon brown butter 28
Buttermilk fried Mary’s chicken, collard greens, cornbread pudding, sausage gravy 27
Chipotle marinated pork tenderloin, masa dumplings, Brussels sprouts, romaine-cashew purée 32
House smoked St. Louis ribs, Texas Jack BBQ sauce, corn muffin, Stevie’s coleslaw 27
Grilled hanger steak, potato-broccoli hash, pickled peppers, smoked bone marrow butter 34

Yukon smashed potatoes 6
Warm jalapeño cornbread 8
Smoked andouille jambalaya 8
Crispy okra, cilantro jalapeño aioli 6
Crispy fried Brussels sprouts, chili vinaigrette 7

We change our menu often. The menu above is a sample menu of what is offered on a daily basis.